My Head Fucking Hurts,Chris needs a break, he needs to stop being ‘Chris brown , The Entertainer’ And go back to being Just Christopher Brown , Son Of Joyce Hawkins. Did anyone see this happening this early? No. But we knew something was going to come at him sooner or later. his siezure is the product of him damaging his body with the cigarettes, weed, alcohol and with the extra project’s he took on. ( the X album) that shit is coming way too soon, i would of perferred a short EP or something. but the toll of him over waorking his body led him to that seizure. And for those who is saying he deserves it… What in the fuck is wrong with you? You’re basically wishing him death, no one does that shit.and the sad thing its ya’ll mean it. That man had done NOTHING to emotinally,or physically Harm you in anyway! so for you to fucking wish death upon him , isn’t right. and those that are in Team Breezy and ya’ll sayin ‘come o brush it off’ Ya’ll wrong as fuck. don’t you dare ask that man for music HE just had a FUCKING SEIZURE he isn’t OKAY. thats some shit you just can’t walk off. He has to take it Extra Easy! I understand chris is doing it all for us , But to be honest i don’t want shit from him if it’s costing his Happiness and health. Chris Depressed and nah don’t say he isn’t.. His lastfew tweets says it all and it shows in his art. he’s dealing with a battle with himself and he’s fucking losing it. I Refuse ,and i Put this shit on my life! I REFUSE to hear chris is dead because he over- worked himself for the happiness of Others. Nah B, He can keep that album. all i want from him is to take shit easy and get himself together , not for anyone , just for himself.



I hope he takes a long ass break and everybody thats wishing death on him I hope they know Karmas a fucking bitch 

(Source: exoticlovefanfic)

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